Tim Motley
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With over 15 years experience as a professional performer, Tim is at ease on the stage as himself, plays with the audience, establishes a solid rapport, and controls the room with apparent effortlessness. Most crowds are all the more surprised then, when he also dazzles them with 4-6 illusions which he draws from his repertoire of two dozen polished all original magic, mentalism, and escape routines using rings, cash, books, razors, cards, handcuffs, straightjackets, rabbit traps and more. He chops and changes at will to adapt to every environment, making this Tim’s most versatile show, and most popular for functions and events.

Duration: 30 minutes (flexible)

This is Tim’s current passion project. A one-man theater show, Dirk was a hit at the 2010 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and is soon doing a run at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Follow the trail of a killer with this private dick through the smoky depths of 1940’s New York. This is the world’s only live one-man comedy film noir magical murder mystery! Think Sin City meets X-Files performed by Harry Connick Jr. having a nervous breakdown. Marvel at Dirk’s astonishing detective skills, as he makes seemingly impossible accurate deductions from clues supplied by you, the spectator! click for more information

Duration: 55 minutes

Witness Arizona’s whip-cracking, wise-cracking, fire spewing feats! Marvel at his mesmerizing magic, Sahara-dry humor, ludicrous dancing, surprisingly tasteful origami, and a 15 foot pole! Gasp at his shameless exploitation of grand hyperbole! A satirical tribute to legendary film icon, Indiana Jones, this show features his lesser known second cousin, Arizona Jones. It is an innovative comic adventure with a breathtaking finale as Arizona searches for the Holy Grail. click for more information

Duration: 45 minutes